About Us

About Us

The Next Generation of Automation

Mirabel Technologies is a privately owned, international tech company that provides all-in-one software solutions for businesses. President Mark McCormick founded Mirabel Technologies in 2003 with the vision to help publishers streamline operations in an ever-changing media environment.

After launching over a dozen successful magazines in South Florida, McCormick introduced Mirabel’s flagship product, The Magazine Manager. As the first web-based CRM made for publishers, it now serves more than 17,000+ media properties worldwide.

Since then, other publishing products followed suit, including The Newspaper Manager, a CRM specific to newspapers, and Mirabel’s Magazine Central, a library-like platform to display digital editions.

In 2019, Mirabel Technologies expanded into marketing automation and email verification with Mirabel’s Marketing Manager and Clean Your Lists, respectively.

Coming Soon:The company plans to join the subscription industry with ChargeBrite, a brand-new digital platform tailored to any business with a recurring revenue model.